Changbao Technologys New Third Board Successfully Listed Thank You Dinner-"Peer Along the Way ? Work Together for Win-Win"!


On May 6, 2019, “Along the way, working together to achieve a win-win situation”, Guangdong Changbao Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed the New Third Board of Appreciation Dinner was held in Jufu Shanzhuang. Many Changbao Technology partners, business associations, friends from all walks of life and The team of directors and supervisors of Changbao Technology gathered together to share the feast.

Thank you dinner scene

Mr. Lin Zhaorong, Chairman of the Board, and the guests

The sails are full of milestones

At the banquet, Mr. Lin Zhaorong, Chairman of Changbao Technology came to the stage to give a speech, and extended a warm welcome to the guests who had taken the time to come. He also mentioned that the successful listing of Changbao's stock transfer system in Beijing's SMEs marked that Changbao Technology changed from a local private company to a public company. This is a milestone in the development history of Changbao Company. This is the result of Changbao people's continuous pursuit of change and excellence. This is the Changbao people redefining themselves and opening up. Endogenous motivation of the ego.

Chairman Lin Zhaorong gave a speech

Along the way ? Win-win together

Changbao Technology was listed on the New Third Board. This is only the first step in our long march. Our goal is to make the entity bigger and deeper and stronger through capital tools, and constantly surpass ourselves. Here, on behalf of the board of directors of Changbao Company, I will discuss three opinions and practices:

First, Changbao is firmly based in Shunde, looking at the world and setting a good example for the real economy.

The spirit of Shunde's entrepreneurs is pragmatic and hardworking, and it is "not forgetting to dig wells". No matter how Changbao's business develops, our roots are in Shunde, and our headquarters is always in Shunde. This is not only thanksgiving, but also a sentiment of Shunde people.

Secondly, Changbao Company should be the "leader" in industry-university-research and technological innovation.

Technological innovation is not simply adding a few machine tools and equipment, but a major innovation in talent and ideas. In the next three years, we will vigorously introduce high-end professional and technical personnel of communication cables, strengthen the "industry-industry-research" cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, strengthen patent cooperation with Hong Kong scientific research institutions, and go out. Please come in and use innovation to drive enterprises. Upgrade again.

Third, Changbao should make a "good article" around the economy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the "Belt and Road".

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the "Belt and Road" are national-level grand strategies, and we are among them. This is a great opportunity for our future development. The state gives policy. What we want is hard work. What we want is to seize business opportunities and vigorously develop ourselves.

The board of directors of Changbao Technology toasted with the guests and congratulated Changbao Technology on the successful listing of the new third board

It ’s hard to come back in the heyday

This is a beautiful new era, and a new era of hard work. Changbao will seize the east wind of the times, work out its due performance, and give investors greater capital returns.

Changbao Technology Management Elite Team


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